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First time on our website? … Then a warm welcome from Fresh start Motorcycle Training. We offer you complete packages of motorcycle training and train 7 Days a week

Whether you are just starting as a complete beginner, or you want to ride a bike for cheap and efficient commuting, it may be your main form of transport or simply used for pleasure at weekends. There’s a whole world of adventure out there waiting to be discovered. You may wish to improve your riding skills with the DSA Enhanced Rider Scheme (ERS) safety lessons; advanced rider skills we have the training to suit you.

join us and pass your motorcycle test the right way

what makes us different?

Unfortunately, if you choose the wrong training school or instructor to learn with that is not suitable for yourself, it can be expensive and very stressful and not at all enjoyable.

Do your homework talk to the instructor’s and training school if you can? If you can’t get on face to face or over the phone what will it be like in your training?

Fresh start Motorcycle Training  try’s to make your ‘Training easy and enjoyable with tips and sayings to help you remember with Professional Patient very Friendly staff that give expert Tuition, very Competitive Rates, with motorcycles and Equipment supplied FREE.

Hopefully this site will help you know your requirements and decide

Compulsory Basic Training (CBT)

Required before you can ride on the Public roads.

Mid Range Bike A2 License

At 19+ take your test on a larger motorbike up to 46.7 bhp.

Light Bike A1 License

Pass this and you can just ride a 125cc.

Large Bike Full A License

Take your test on a large motorcycle over 600cc and 57bhp.

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